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Tick protection clothing close up

Tick Talk: Why Year-Round Protection Matters

Ticks are a year-round concern for outdoor enthusiasts, but with Elimitick, staying protected is effortless. Our hunting apparel, infused with...

Best Blaze Orange Deer Hunting Parka

What blaze orange deer hunting jacket is best for me?

Across this great country, we all hunt deer a little bit different. Different climates, different terrain, and different hunting styles....

Elimitick hunting clothing in woods walking

Elimitick - Effective Tick Protection for the Outdoors

Each year, thousands of people go outdoors and participate in various activities. This could be turkey hunting, foraging for mushrooms...

setting up a trail cam on a fence

Trail Camera Set Up Tips

Trail camera technology has come a long way since they were first introduced. Gone are the days of hanging a...

Blaze orange parka vs a blaze orange hunting vest

What should I buy?

A blaze orange parka or an orange deer hunting vest?

three gamehide upland vest wearing hunters in field

3 tips for buying the best upland bird hunting vest.

Tips for purchasing an Upland vest

turkey spur and beard art work collection

Turn Those Turkey Beards And Spurs Into A Work Of Art

As we all hunker down and try to keep our distance, here’s a great way to spend some time creating...

wild turkey burger on plate with slaw and chips

Wild Turkey Burgers

If you are like me, you end up eating a lot of wild turkey. Some of my favorites are to...

morel mushrooms picked while hunting

3 Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms

It is that time of year again – the temperatures are starting to rise; lilacs are starting to bloom and...

gamehide hunter calling turkeys with a mouth call

Three Techniques for Hunting A Hung-Up Gobbler

If you spend enough time in the spring turkey woods, it is inevitable that you will run into a hung-up...

earth from space

3 Ways to Use Google Earth For Turkey Scouting

Nothing will ever replace boots on the ground scouting techniques. However, in this digital age, we should take advantage of...

BBQ wild turkey leg recipe

BBQ Wild Turkey Leg Sandwiches

Wild turkey legs are one of the more underrated cuts of game meat. While they truly can be tough, with...

elimitick sock close up with boot

4 Tips to Help Prevent Tick Bites

Spring has arrived! As the temperatures rise and life returns to the woods, we all know what that means- out...

hunters glassing over foggy draw

Accessing Deep Woods Public Turkey Spots

Turkey hunters have caught on to the outdoor world’s best-kept secret: Public Land. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a...

hunter pondering his life decisions while turkeys wont gobble

4 Tactics for Hunting Tight Lipped Gobblers

We’ve all been there. What started out feeling like a great gobbler morning is quickly crushed by silence. We patiently...

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