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Elimitick hunting clothing in woods walking

Elimitick - Effective Tick Protection for the Outdoors

Each year, thousands of people go outdoors and participate in various activities. This could be turkey hunting, foraging for mushrooms or simply going for a walk. What is one thing in common with these activities? You will likely encounter ticks along the way. Given the growing prevalence of ticks across the country, it is best to be prepared and have a plan before embarking on your adventure.

One reliable method is to wear Elimitick clothing. We receive numerous questions each year regarding its effectiveness and how it works. In this article, we aim to dispel misconceptions and provide essential insights on effectively protecting yourself while in the field. Let's address some of the common questions surrounding Elimitick:

  1. How does it work?

    • This is the most common question we receive each year. Contrary to popular belief, the repellency does not create an impenetrable force field around you to keep ticks and other biting insects away. The insect needs to contact the clothing/treated material to be affected.
  1. Can I wear Elimitick as a base layer?

    • Absolutely! Elimitick clothing can indeed be worn as a base layer. However, as mentioned earlier, the repellency’s effectiveness is reliant on contact with the fabric. If you choose to wear it exclusively as a base layer, its protective capabilities will be significantly diminished.


  1. I found a tick on me. The clothing must not be working correctly anymore.

    • One of the remarkable advantages of Elimitick clothing compared to topical sprays is the repellency’s bonding to the fabric fibers. This bonding allows the repellency to endure 70 washings. If you happen to discover a tick on you while wearing Elimitick, it's more likely that the tick found a small area not covered by the clothing, rather than the clothing itself failing. This could be as simple as crawling up your boot and directly onto your leg. Remember to wear a complete system of Elimitick clothing, ensuring all areas are adequately covered and tucked in. Prioritizing functionality over fashion is a small trade-off to avoid potential tick bites.
  1. Can I apply other permethrin-based sprays to the clothing?

    • Yes, you certainly can – and many people do for peace of mind. However, it is unnecessary as the clothing is already infused with enough repellency to effectively keep ticks away.

When venturing outdoors for activities like hunting, foraging, or leisurely walks, encountering ticks is a common concern. To be prepared and protected, wearing Elimitick clothing can be a valuable solution. Understanding how it works is crucial, as the repellency requires contact between the insect and the treated fabric. While Elimitick can be worn as a base layer, its effectiveness as standalone protection is diminished. The bonded repellency on Elimitick garments lasts throughout their lifespan or up to 70 washings, providing a significant advantage over topical sprays. While additional permethrin-based sprays can be applied for extra peace of mind, the infused repellency in Elimitick clothing is already sufficient for effective tick prevention. Prioritizing function and complete coverage by wearing a full system of Elimitick clothing helps ensure a safer outdoor experience.

Elimitick hunting clothing in woods walking

Elimitick - Effective Tick Protection for the Outdoors

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Got a suit but would like another cap.Like the way they fit.

Ricky Orr

It’s been many years since I picked blackberries simply because ticks & chiggers love me! Even spraying clothes with permethrin, while ticks were minimized the chiggers were still a big nuisance. Until now… I started using these products in April for turkey hunting & now am very pleased to share what a great job these do, even after a few gallons of blackberries! They aren’t cheap, possibly could use an improvement here & there but they work! I highly recommend them, they gave me back warm weather in the outdoors. 💯 #gamehide #elimitick

Randall Jessie

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