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Shelterbelt Upland Pant

quality seems good, no field use yet, but they seem to run very small - order 1 - 2 sizes up

Broadside Jacket
Kevin Ziegler
Broadside jacket

Very comfy, should be very warm

ElimiTick Tick Repellent Bib
Kathryn A. Miller

Super comfy.

Elimitick Long Boot Socks

Ticks give me the creeps. They seem to be more these days than ever before. These socks are just part of my protection against them. Also Elimitick pants and Elimitick shirts. I also use Permethin spray on my boots. Haven't had one on me in a couple of years but they still give me the creeps!

Love these socks - no ticks!

I use them while working on my property and for turkey hunting - they work!

Bought the jacket for my wife for woods trails and hiking

I bought this for my wife so she could walk and hike in the woods. She has not yet seen a tick since she started using the jacket. The jacket is well made but the fit/sizing of her typical large size runs a bit snug. She recommends that ladies should consider going up one size from your typical size if you prefer a roomy fit.

Great product.

I have not worn the coverup. I bought it too big to go over my heavy jacket for turkey hunting and season was over by the time I ordered it.

But….I am a professional outdoorsman and have several pair of the pants. I haven’t had a tick on me in years while wearing them. They are a God Send in any area with seed ticks. They are well worth the money not only for protection but for peace of mind. I simply don’t worry about ticks any more…ever…unless not wearing the pants.

Elimitick Pant

Good fit. Durable. Work great!

Field Coat
Brian Benson
Great Fit and Quality

Love the Shooter shirt, field coat and pants. Great fit, quality and ability to move without restrictions.

Great upland shirt

I have been waiting for several years for these shirts to come back. I ordered a medium which was just right. I’m 5’7” and 168 pounds.
I now have 3 of them.


Have been wearing elimitick products for 3 years now while Turkey hunting and have had ZERO ticks since I started wearing them..

Great jacket

Comfortable, very well made, true to size.

Great product sizing is not exact

Love the pants. 5 pocket elimitick. Sizing was not true to their chart. Had to go one size bigger than should have according to the chart. Other than that the quality is great and they work to keep ticks off.

Best there is

I've got several pieces of Elimitick clothing, and they all perform as advertised. I especially appreciate the thoughtful design features; it's hunting clothing made for hunters. The only complaint I can mention is the interior of the hoodies is white, which is problematic for turkey hunting, but I usually just tuck the hood into the back of the shirt since I use a face mask anyway.

Lady Sneaker Vest
Horacio Delgado
Pink Unisex Hunting Vest

Pink is a high visibility color, especially for hunting in the fall. Believe it is better than hunter orange if legal in your state.
This vest is very well made, provides enough pockets for accessories and is comfortable to wear.
Highly recommend for all hunters.

Hanging Well In The Closet

Having purchased a Bee-yoo-Tee-Full blaze orange parka this late Spring for the hopeful opportunity to hunt this NEXT WINTER, I find myself being repeatedly bombarded with requests from Gamehide for a review on its performance. So, here is my assessment:

Since purchasing the Wild Systems Parka from Gamehide, the parka has performed flawlessly at hanging in the closet.
As to how well it will perform out in the field WHEN IT GETS COLD later this coming winter, I am hopeful that it will do as well in the snowy mountains as it has been doing in my dark closet

Wore it and didn’t get a tick. Must work.

Fun in the woods

ElimiTick allows enjoyment in the woods while the clothes take care of the ticks. First hand evidence, ticks do not enjoy crawling on Elimitick. Thank you!

Pants fit great around waist. Baggy style will make things cool. Yet, the legs were about a foot or better too long. Not a big deal. Sizing to my 5'6' and 150 lb frame doesn't care if sewing has to take off a couple inches or a foot. Looking forward to how all I bought for both my wife and I works in Northwoods Wisconsin. I'll be among trees with a John Deere. She'll be in woods thinning out overgrowth. If I missed anything you think is helpful to our circumstances I'm open to knowing. I did comment earlier that you appeal more to thick identification light colored clothing, neck scarves, etc in tans and very light greys. The bib pants would be nice if light grey since their primary use, as I see it, is quick toss on over worn clothing for quick outside exposure here in the UP of Michigan/Northwoods Wis where ticks are one the lawn, on the bushes....etc.

Cover up pants

I like the pants, very soft and quiet. However, they grab stickers like crazy. No zipper fly, no back pocket

Ultralight shirt

I like the shirt, the fabric is comfortable and pretty quiet. The chest pockets however are not large enough to put my cell phone in, which is a negative

Whitetail Pant/Bib
Kevin Ziegler
Whitetail bib/pants

Awesome pants. Very warm and comfy

Boot Socks

Fit Great on my large Calves! Seem to work on the Nasty Ticks!

Hitch Jacket
Allen Glass

Hitch Jacket

ElimiTick Buff
Works great, no ticks and easy to breath

Used it during this year's turkey season. No ticks encountered and mosquitos and black flies keep their distance. Keeps my neck warm in lowered position until I pull it up over my nose. Very breathable. Good product.