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Shooting Glove
Clifford Olander
Excellent moderate cold glove

Had these about 2 weeks. They are good so far down to about 20 degrees F. The only issue I find with them is the velcro for the flip mitten grabs hold of the mitten material. I'd suggest making the hook part fixed and put the loop part on the mitten top.

Comfortable and tough as nails. I may need to add another pair!

Lightweight and Silent

Lightweight, good pattern, abundant shell loops, rear zipper pouch, grommets in a fabric tag on the back for license holder. Would like to see a media pocket on the chest for cell phone/gps . I bought it large enough to wear over camo parka during gun season.

Perfect fit!

Heavy Duty Upland Chap
Adolfo Montemayor Jr.
Leg protection

I really like these chaps because I can maneuver thru the south texas brush when I’m trailing a wounded deer.

Outfitters Upland Vest

Our search for a Quail/Pheasant hunting vest for my wife ended here. This vest checked all the boxes for us, Heavy fabric, front loading, good pocket storage and shell loops that are inside the pockets. She had previously tried on a men’s medium so we knew the size would work. Purchased during the last sale event helped too! Thanks Gamehide!

The vest were perfect, everyone liked them!

For my wife.

I purchased this parka years ago for myself. I not only used it for hunting but wore it for safety around our Upper Peninsula property. I found it as my wife’s go to garment when the temps dropped. My XL did not fit her well so I purchased one in her size for her. You can’t beat it for function vs price.

Great outer shell

I bought this jacket to take on my waterfowl trip right after Thanksgiving. The jacket pattern precisely matches my waders, which was really awesome. I was hoping for a little more insulation for early season in my state can be pretty chilly. And when we got to our outfitters, we were greeted with sub-freezing temps and snow. Tried the jacket on the first morning, not a good choice. It's going to be an awesome early season jacket, but only if the temps stay above freezing.

Whitetail Jacket
Charles P.
Room for improvement

needs deeper pockets with the hand warmer pocket behind with the same fleece that's in the jacket

Game hide hunting jacket

Not bad. Runs a little big which is ok so can layer under it. Outer fabric a little louder than I like, certainly not hush hide. Warm and light weight. Plenty of storage pockets.

The Perfect Hunting Shirt?

Wore shirt 4 days of pheasant hunting in SD. Weather was 25-55 degrees with winds of 10 to 25 mph. This shirt was perfect under a heavy orange vest. Fits as labeled. Will last a long time. Virtually wind proof.

Excellent shirt

Comfy, great shirt! I think this elimitick material actually works, my family always wears it now for early fall and spring season hunting and it seems like we have no ticks on us at the end of the day. Great product.

Damn good hoodie tough as nails

Toddler Hunt Camp Jacket
Matthew Walters

My little man is so ready to hit the woods! Great jacket and fits perfect!

Lock Down Jacket
Matthew Walters
Great fit and comfort!

I’m always cautious when buying online, but this jacket fits perfect and it’s very comfortable and warm for those late season hunts. Highly recommend!

Ultimate Hunt Glove
Clifford Olander
Awesome light weight glove

These gloves are awesome for walking while hunting. They keep your hands warm while allowing you to manipulate items.

Youth Tundra Jacket
Brandon McGuffee

These jackets are great. They run true to size.

Youth Tundra Bib
Brandon McGuffee

Got the youth XL for my 9 year old that’s 115 pounds. The shoulder straps were a little long because he’s short but I took them all the way up. This will work great for the next two years, hopefully three.


Perfect for my grandson!

I finally got a chance to wear this jacket. It was so nice to have an extra layer of protection really like this jacket...

Just what I needed

This parka is well made, warm, and quiet. Perfect for bow season in the north woods. I really appreciate that the hood is removable.

Wapiti Pant
Randall Temples
Great hunting pants!

Perfect for cold, rainy and windy conditions.

Wapiti Jacket
Randall Temples
Excellent Jacket!

Extremely quiet lightweight waterproof/windproof jacket. Perfect for layering under when it's cold, rainy and windy.

Well made bibs

I love these bibs very warm and well-built , the realtree edge pattern is awesome