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gamehide hunter in realtree with moose
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ElimiTick Dog Vest
Mike Leggiero
Couldn't ask for a better product!

I'm on my way out the door to buy my third Elimitick vest. Like a dummy, I stepped on a buckle and broke it. I used on of these on our last Border Collie for easily 8 years before it was too threadbare from washing to use. I bought a new one for our new BC, as she is a bit smaller. We live in the sticks and are out hiking or hunting several days per week. The vest is always on. Great visibility for the dog, even if she's just playing in the yard. I know that she'll be seen if she strays near the road and I know that she won't be mistaken for a coyote when we're in the woods. Due to just how much we use this vest, I do routinely treat it with permethrin, to aid in tick prevention.

Thank you for making such a great product for my pup! By keeping ticks off of her, I'm also keeping ticks off of my family.

Favorite 3D socks

I always wear a pair of these when I go out to the 3D course. Comfortable and protective.

Piece of mind

Ticks are no longer a nuisance, but are a real health concern. I wear elimitick by GameHide exclusively, & the socks give one piece of mind.


Very Hot to wear at this time of year. Has kept ticks and chiggers off.

Greatest gear ever

We use elimitik gear wherever we go outdoors. The socks are wonderful. Extra layer of protection under sprayed boots(wish elimitik had sprayed boots). Would not go into the woods without this gear. Lifesaver. Thanks elimitik

Women's ElimiTick Pant
Allan Manikas
Women’s Elimitick Pants

My wife uses the pants whenever she is in the garden. No Ticks!

Comfortable and ZERO ticks!

single use

really comfortable material easy to work in and no ticks on the first use on a heavy tick area.

Useful protection against biting bugs

Quarter zip construction makes it easy to put on. Ring collar, paired with head net or head covering, helps protect neck and throat. Fabric is synthetic, so washed according to instruction, does not shrink. Seams are sturdy and should hold up to long use. Impregnated insecticide does keep the biting critters at bay. Very useful and well made piece of gear.

Excellent Camo Gloves

These Elimiteck Camo Gloves from Gamehide, like all the Elimiteck products, are great at providing both camouflage and protection from insects. I’ve been using them exclusively for many years. I haven’t found an embedded tick on me since using their products.

No Ticks, No Chiggers in 3 years since using this Product!!

I first purchased this product over 3 years ago. I bought bibs, shirt, socks, face mask and hat. I guide everyday of Turkey Season in NE Missouri where ticks are terrible, I mean terrible. I have had clients find over 50 ticks on them. I have not had the first tick or chigger since I have been wearing this Product!! Love it I have several outfits now. My wife, same results!!

Well made, sturdy pants

I was pleasantly surprised at how well made and sturdy these pants were. Made like pants with 3-times the price. Should hold up for many hunts in the future.

Elimitick shirt

Lightweight, well made, fits well, no problems with ticks or chiggers

Getting rid of ticks

The clothing items helped so much that we ordered another set plus some extra pieces. We’ve told several others about the protection it provides and how they order soon. Would like to see more variety in sizes (shorter and petites). Thanks! I have Lyme disease and this should give me more confidence.

Worked great, don't like the cut

Pants are baggy everywhere but the waist. It's tight in the waist. However no ticks on me this time going to the hunting property! Overall a win!


Have only tried it on,so far.

Nice lightweight well made shirt

Very nice shirt I like it alot

Great shirt !!

Great shirt for me during turkey season here in Tennessee . Have yet to have a tick on me while wearing your products . Size fits as it should on these shirts .

Women's ElimiTick Pant
Ralph Limbach
No tick

I have used the men's version for years with good results. My daughter hunts with me and has complained of ticks for a long time. It finally dawned on me that I need her to wear these to keep her comfortable!!

Top Quality Tech Shirt

I haven’t had a chance to field test this specific shirt, but it appears to be the same top quality as all the Gamehide/ElimiTech products I’ve been using for years. I hate ticks, and these products really work, and they are so much more convenient than spraying or dipping non-treated products.

Marsh Lord Pullover
Janice Girard

Nice pull over, I just expected it to be a bit heavier, but still a nice jacket

Great Pants

This pair of pants looks awesome with great vivid colors and fits really nice. Plus the great tick protection. An outfitter recommended them to me. I’am sure glad he did.

Great performing fabric, buckle for strap needs redesign

These bibs do a great job repelling parasites - they are abundant in my area. All of my elimitick garments are still effective after many washes. The strap buckle is made of a soft, pressed or "pot" metal and mine broke. It really needs to be replaced by something durable. Kudos to the customer service, they sent me a replacement pair in no time.

High Performance Tee
James Miller

That particular camo blends well in my area. My favorite style and fit.

Beautiful, but lightweight and extremely functional

This jacket is a must in the spring and summer woods.