What blaze orange deer hunting jacket is best for me?

Best Blaze Orange Deer Hunting Parka

Across this great country, we all hunt deer a little bit different. Different climates, different terrain, and different hunting styles. Purchasing a hunting parka/jacket that suits your needs can be somewhat difficult at times when you have so many options. Our hope is to shed some light on Gamehide’s bestselling deer hunting parkas, and outline which one may be the best fit for your hunting strategy.

We will look at 5 different parkas and jackets. Each garment having unique features and fabrics that may have different applications for how and where you hunt.

- Whisper Parka

- Whitetail Jacket

- Deerhunter Parka

- Flatland Parka

- Wild Parka

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Whisper Parka


On the coldest day of the season, you’ll want to be wearing this parka. Not only is the outer fabric waterproof and windproof, but you’ll also stay warm under the 280 grams of HeatTech insulation. The Whisper Parka is long waisted with a generous fit to accommodate layers if needed. This is the parka that works well for extreme conditions and all day sits in the frigid Midwest and Northeast.

  • Built for extreme cold weather stand sitting.
  • Gamehide’s most insulated parka
  • Waterproof and windproof HydroCore lamination with taped/sealed seams
  • Hush Hide outer material is quiet and soft
  • Largest parka offered due to extra insulation
  • Dual zippered chest pockets

Best suited for:

  • Stand hunting
  • Temperature Rating: -10°F – 20°F

Gamehide whisper parka diagram.

Whitetail Jacket


A recent newcomer to the line, the Whitetail sports a HyperHide fleece outer fabric with a luxuriously soft Velour lining on the inside. This jacket is quiet, waterproof, and windproof. It is a great all-purpose jacket that can be worn in the stand, used still hunting or even on deer drives since the arm pits have ventilation zippers to reduce your core temperature. This garment is also available in other non-blaze camo patterns such as Realtree Edge and Mossy Oak New Bottomland.

  • Two-layer bonded waterproof fleece fabric with waterproof zippers
  • Under arm vents and detachable hood
  • Slightly more athletic fit which may limit heavy layers underneath if needed
  • Waterproof and windproof HydroCore lamination with taped/sealed seams

Best Uses: 

  • Stand Hunting
  • Still Hunting
  • Temperature Rating: 30°F-60°F

Deerhunter Parka


Mid weight fixed insulation and its oversized design allows you to layer as needed for the perfect level of comfort. The HunterHide fabric was created to eliminate annoying burrs and stickers and it does a great job repelling both. With an Impervia DWR outer treatment, you’ll also be able to shed moisture in light rain or snowfall. This garment is also available in other non-blaze camo patterns such as Realtree Edge and Mossy Oak Break Up Country.

  • Warm and allows additional layers so it doesn’t feel bulky or hinder movement
  • Tough but soft fabric that sheds burrs and stickers with ease
  • The draw cord in the waist seals out cold when you are not wearing bibs
  • Impervia DWR Treatment
  • Hidden handwarmer pockets

Best Uses:

  • Stand Hunting
  • Cold Weather



Flatland Parka


The Flatland is a great all-purpose parka for the budget minded hunter. Mid weight insulation allows for layering and the Hush Hide fabric is also waterproof. The length reaches most people’s upper thigh. This garment is also available in other non-blaze camo patterns such as Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity.

  • Can be used for active hunting or cold weather sits when layered underneath
  • Waterproof Hush Hide fabric
  • Two front dump pockets and a chest pocket along with a detachable hood

Best Uses:

  • Stand Hunting
  • Cold Weather
  • Still Hunting
  • Temperature Rating: 20°F – 40°F (Colder when layering)

Wild Parka


Unlike the other four garments featured in this article, the Wild Parka is a two-piece system. This system gives you additional versatility to adjust for any weather condition. The outer shell is uninsulated, waterproof, and windproof. The liner jacket boasts 170 grams of HeatTech insulation and can be worn on its own as it matches the camo pattern on the shell parka. This garment is also available in other non-blaze camo patterns such as Realtree Edge and Mossy Oak DNA.
  • The entire system is best suited for cold weather hunting conditions.
  • Remove the liner and use the shell as an outer garment are more mild, rainy days in the field
  • Ample gear storage with dual chest pockets and oversized handwarmer pockets
  • Firearm sling grips on both shoulders (shell jacket only)
  • Detachable, uninsulated hood
Best Uses:
  • Cold Weather
  • Stand Hunting


**Please note that the temperature ratings listed on each garment are under the assumption you are only wearing a single, lightweight base layer.**

With a myriad of options available, it's easy to get lost in the world of blaze orange hunting jackets. At Gamehide, we're proud to bring over 30 years of experience in crafting garments that prioritize safety and comfort in extreme cold. Our commitment to innovation, guided by valuable feedback from our customers, ensures that we'll keep pushing the boundaries for years to come.


  • mike

    very helpful. thanks.

  • Don Smith

    In Missouri, hunter orange camo is not legal during the firearms deer season. Do your products that are shown in orange camo come in “hunter orange”?

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