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morel mushrooms picked while hunting

3 Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms

It is that time of year again – the temperatures are starting to rise; lilacs are starting to bloom and dandelions are popping up all around.

To most, this signals that spring is finally here for good. For others, this is a sign to hit the woods in hopes of finding the treasured Morel Mushroom. The window of opportunity to find these delicate fungi can be narrow, so be sure to hit the woods as often as you can! Here are three tips to hopefully help you find more Morels this spring.

Go Where Others Are Unwilling to Travel

With the growing popularity for mushrooms, especially morels, public lands tend to be picked over quickly. Similar to other types of hunting on public lands, it can pay dividends to go deep into the timber, where others are unwilling to travel. The further you can get off the beaten path, the greater chance you’ll have at being the first person to a particular area. One thing to keep in mind is that the more miles you put on in the woods, the greater your chances are of picking up a tick or two along the way. Gamehide’s ElimiTick clothing will help to keep the ticks at bay, along with any other biting insects.

Check Non-Traditional Areas

Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path and check some non-traditional locations. One such location that has provided me with great success in the past are river bottoms. Even if they do not have the usual dead elms, cottonwoods, etc., don’t be quick to dismiss the location. River bottoms can still hold large numbers of morels. Once you find the hot spot, you’ll likely be provided with a great spot that many others will continue to walk past.

Use Topography To Your Advantage

As spring arrives, low lands and south facing slopes tend to warm and green up faster. These are great spots to check early in the year as the soil will warm faster here than any other location in the woods. There are many programs or applications you can use in this digital age to find such locations. I tend to utilize Google Earth on a desktop or onX Maps mobile application while in the field.

When the fragrance of lilac bushes is in the air be sure to get out there and look for one of the most treasured fungi in the woods!

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