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Insect Repelling Dog Vest

ElimiTick Dog Vest

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Help protect your dog from ticks by wearing an ElimiTick Dog Vest. Dramatically reduces the number of ticks that will attach to your dog. No special care needed and it will repel ticks for the life of the vest! It's lightweight and comfortable and will also help protect against sharp sticks and brush. The straps are adjustable for an easy custom fit.

 Size Guide

  • Medium – 24-28 inch chest
  • Large – 28-32 inch chest (fits midsize dogs: Pointers, Springers and small Retrievers)
  • XL – 32-36 inch chest (fits large breed dogs: Retrievers and Hounds)
  • 2X - 36 plus

Measure dogs chest just behind front legs.

Available in: Blaze Orange and Tan.


Size Chart

Chest XS
Size MD LG XL 2X
Chest 24-28 28-32 32-36 36+

* Measurements are displayed in inches. Measure dog's chest just behind the front legs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mike Leggiero
Couldn't ask for a better product!

I'm on my way out the door to buy my third Elimitick vest. Like a dummy, I stepped on a buckle and broke it. I used on of these on our last Border Collie for easily 8 years before it was too threadbare from washing to use. I bought a new one for our new BC, as she is a bit smaller. We live in the sticks and are out hiking or hunting several days per week. The vest is always on. Great visibility for the dog, even if she's just playing in the yard. I know that she'll be seen if she strays near the road and I know that she won't be mistaken for a coyote when we're in the woods. Due to just how much we use this vest, I do routinely treat it with permethrin, to aid in tick prevention.

Thank you for making such a great product for my pup! By keeping ticks off of her, I'm also keeping ticks off of my family.

Steve Armstrong
Super helpful

The team was very helpful in replacing our vest, due to a malfunctioning clip, thank you for your help.

Amy S. Brown
Only midrange because my dog hates coats

I think this offers good coverage and it's easy to clip on.
My dog takes baby steps when it's on. This will change once he's somewhere he wants to run, and that will be somewhere in hunter turf.
My dog is white and light tan with markings like a deer or calf, with a curly white tail. He needs more coverage than the standard vest and this does that.

Ken Salentiny

The customer support were easy to work with, prompt in taking care of our issue.

Mark Behe
New elimatick dog or

The vest fits very well, I would have preferred metal buckles but we will see how it holds up during hunting season. Also the neck band I think could have had a tad more Velcro, I really don't think it will make it through season before it is lost

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