Gamehide Camo Patterns

 Realtree AP HD

Introducing new Realtree AP and Realtree APG... the result of 20 years of camouflage research and refinement by Bill Jordan and Team Realtree. AP stands for All-Purpose. APG stands for All-Purpose Green. These innovative, visually-striking camo patterns set a new standard in camouflage effectiveness. Perfecting upon Realtree's revolutionary High Definition imaging process, AP and APG offer a lighter, more open, neutral-toned alternative. The result is industry-leading effectiveness, a universal color palette, unmatched depth and detail, and superb contrast that's guaranteed to hold up under the toughest conditions. Together, AP and APG offer true -season and region- versatility. AP is suited for fall, winter and early spring, while APG is designed for early fall and spring. And depending on time and terrain, the patterns can be mixed to better match your surroundings. No matter when or where you hunt, trust AP and APG to deliver the kind of around-the-clock concealment that you're hunting for. Twenty years of countless field-tests and meticulous design and printing improvements have lead to one simple truth: Mother Nature does it best, but Realtree AP and Realtree APG aren't far behind.

Mossy Oak New Treestand

Designed specifically as the ultimate uniform for hunting from an elevated position, Treestand is the perfect camouflage solution for the "deer's-eye view." Utilizing the same silhouette-altering design technology found in all the Mossy Oak patterns, Treestand effectively erases the outline of an elevated hunter among the bare limbs of fall.

Mossy Oak Infinity

Naked North

This hot new pattern is designed for hunters who hunt in the North! It's made up of popple, pine, birch and oak, and various types of brush common to the North. And, there are no leaves-thus, the "Naked". The pattern has no added black, so it won't look too dark when you are not standing next to a tree trunk. Naked North was designed using DepthTech, a state-of-the-art depth-enhancing technique that allows the pattern to maintain its dimensional depth long after other patterns have flattened out.

Mossy Oak Duckblind

Realtree Max-4

Naked North Blaze

Naked North Snow