ElimiTick Hunting Clothing

Gamehide's new ElimiTick Series clothing helps protect against ticks that can cause Lyme disease!

Ticks, especially deer ticks. are increasing in range and are known carry Lyme disease and other diseases. The incidence of Lyme disease is growing rapidly. The best way to avoid it is not to get bit by a tick!

For hunters and others who spend time outdoors, a great way to avoid getting bitten is to wear ElimiTick clothing by Gamehide. Wearing ElimiTick will dramatically reduce the number of ticks that crawl on your body!



Revolutionary process bonds repellent (man made version of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers) to fabric fibers.

Gamehide's ElimiTick line of clothing utilizes Insect Shield Repellent Technology to bond a man-made version of a natural repellent to fabric fibers. The active ingredient is so tightly bonded that repellency effectiveness is retained throughout the expected life of the garment. Compare this to traditional methods of repelling insects, like sprays. that wear or wash off and last only a matter of hours.

Retains effectiveness through 70 washings

Because Insect Shield bonds the repellent to the fabric fibers, you get much more complete coverage and, therefore, more effective repellency. And, because the repellent is built into the fibers, it lasts through 70 washings, the expected life of the garment. Tests show that Insect Shield is highly effective against ticks through 70 washings!

Odorless and Invisible

The repellent in an ElimiTick garment is bonded to the fabric fibers and is odorless and invisible. This is crucial to the big game or predator hunter and a big advantage over traditional  insect repellents which are messy, stinky and inconvenient.

The first ever EPA-registered, insect repellent clothing

The U.S. EPA issues a consumer labeling rating for each product it registers. Insect Shield repellent products have been rated category IV, which is the most favorable rating. It's been deemed appropriate for use by infants and children of all ages. The rating is determined by the most severe rate of exposure, i.e. oral, dermal, inhalation. It's the first ever EPA-registered insect repellent clothing!