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    "Gamehide has won me over with their innovative designs and full range of motion. Comfort and function, you can't beat it."

    -Jay Gregory, Host- The Wild Outdoors

    "Hunting success comes from skill, luck, weather and reliable gear. I trust my skill, hope for good luck, pray for good weather but I ensure my gear won't let me down. Gamehide has always delivered!"

    -Tammy Gregory, Host- The Wild Outdoors


  "The people who design Gamehide are guys who hunt as hard as I do, and it shows in their products. They start with the quietest, most waterproof fabric and turn it into clothing that wears like iron."

    -Babe Winkelman, Host- Outdoor Secrets



    "When it comes to guns and bows, I trust my hunts to precision equipment.... why should my clothing be any different? I trust Gamehide."

    -Dick Scorzafava, Outdoor Writer

    "Clothing plays a vital role in my hunting and I know from experience that Gamehide's full line is designed to meet the needs of serious hunters."

    -Kathy Butt, Outdoor Writer/Photographer

    "When I'm out chasing world record animals, the only hide going on my hide is Gamehide! Why? Because it works."

    -Rob Evans, Chairman, ALS Cancer Shoot

    "Despite scent-control material, my Gamehide is comfortably cool. I was also impressed with how quiet the jacket is."

    -Dan Durbin, Outdoor Writer

 "Early season, late season, cold weather, warm weather, spring or fall, Gamehide has it all! Great products that are built to last."

    -Matt Stone, Editor, Bowhunting the North Country

    "When the great outdoors is your 'office' you learn pretty quickly what works and what doesn't. Gamehide consistently has endured the most rugged environments my travels have taken me on."

    -Jeff Murray, Outdoor Writer

    "The great fit and savvy design of Gamehide hunting clothes ensure you can draw your bow silently and smoothly."

    -Pat Durkin, Outdoor Writer

    "We have spent the last year using and abusing our Gamehide hunting and fishing gear. This clothing stands the test of time!."

    -Rob Stenger, Stacie Frost, Pro-Staffers