Elimitick Deep Woods Bundle - EDWB

Elimitick Deep Woods Bundle - EDWB

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The Elimitick Deep Woods Bundle is your ultimate defense against ticks and biting insects while enjoying the great outdoors. We understand the importance of keeping your outdoor activities safe and worry-free, and this comprehensive bundle has got you covered from head to toe!

First, the Elimitick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt offers maximum coverage and comfort. Crafted with care, this shirt is designed to repel ticks and keep you protected, so you can focus on embracing nature's wonders without any nagging concerns.

Next up, the Elimitick Five Pocket Pant combines functionality and style. With ample storage space and tick-repellent properties, these pants are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts like you. Enjoy the freedom of movement and the peace of mind they provide.

To further enhance your protection, we've included the Elimitick Glove and Elimitick Facemask in this incredible bundle. These accessories offer an additional layer of defense against ticks, ensuring that every inch of your body remains shielded.

Last but not least, the Elimitick Long Boot Sock completes the bundle, keeping your feet protected and comfortable on all your adventures.

With the Elimitick Deep Woods Bundle, you can confidently explore the outdoors, knowing that you have comprehensive protection against ticks and other biting insects. Gear up and make your outdoor experiences safe, joyful, and tick-free.

Bundle includes: 

  • Elimitick Long Sleeve Tech Shirt
  • Elimitick Five Pocket Pant
  • Elimitick Glove
  • Elimitick Facemask
  • Elimitick Long Boot Sock
Style: EDWB

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