Mathews Collection Fabrics & Features

As human scent is exposed to the Scent-Lok fabric it is drawn into the pore structure of the activated carbon. Activated carbon has millions of microscopic pores, cracks and crevices which attract the scent particles and create a bond within the carbon. These particles are trapped while air is allowed to breathe through the fabric. This process is called ADSORPTION.

(Information taken from Scent-Lok's website)

Revolutionary Silver Ion Technology kills human odor by stopping bacterial growth. The fabric treatment is FDA approved, totally safe and won't wash out. Best of all, according to tests, Silver Ion Technology is 99.9% effective at killing odor causing bacteria.

Gamehide's exclusive Freedom Sleeve allows you to raise your arms without restriction.

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A Gamehide exclusive, the Gadget Pocket is is a unique pocket designed for the serious hunter.

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